Elizabeth M. Barr
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PG-13 Stories

Insomnia and Romance

Summary: Chakotay lies awake one night contemplating life, the universe and true love.


(The) Renatan Mercenaries

Summary: 18 years after Voyager's return, Janeawy has vanished and Chakotay leads a mercenary group. But sometimes the past can catch up with us...


15 Generations of Janeways

Summary: Janeway gives Chakotay a hands-on history lesson...


Carry on Dancing

Summary: The crew of voyager attend an alien festival which is gatecrashed by a certain letter of the alphabet...


Coffee Break

Summary: A series of short scenes connected by the theme of food


INVASION OF THE FURBYS, a tale of greed, power and marketing ploys in one act

Summary: Could Voyager get any worse? Could TPTB sink any lower? Could your author be suffering from a severe head wound? (Not at all, she's enjoying it very much...)


Life Changing Event

Summary: A young woman looks back at the event which destroyed her family.


Chakotay's Dimples

Summary: Fan clubs still exist in the 24th century...


Human Interaction

Summary: Seven watches them in the mess hall (Response to a JetC-22 challenge).


Imitating Art

Summary: "Muse" addition... B'Elanna sees a little more than she wanted to.


Not Loving Her

Summary: Chakotay reflects on his relationship with Kathryn ... written after Robert Beltran said that Chakotay isn't in love with Kathryn any more.



Summary: "Which one should live, Commander?"



Summary: A "Counterpoint" based a/u in which the crew become a labour force and Kashyk is 'given' Kathryn Janeway. An opportunity for escape arises...


Her Grief

Summary: Janeway must deal with the loss of two loved ones.



Summary: A story of email, less than subtle references to a present day ISP and virus and goings on at Deck 9, Section 12, and an in-joke that refuses to die. Oh, and J/C


Sticky Date Pudding

Summary: Drabble. In the competition for Kathryn's affections, Chakotay faces some competition from an unexpected source.


(The) Catsuit Problem

Summary: Episode addition to "Unimatrix Zero, pt. 2". Drabble. What will the well-dressed ex-Borgs be wearing this season?


Glittering Prisons (prequel to "The Renatan Mercenaries")

Summary: Several years after Voyager gets home, Janeway and Chakotay encounter each other.


Healing (Sky born blue grey eyes)

Summary: Song adaptation. They talk, and remember


(The) Book of the Dead

Summary: A dream before dying...


Fan Fiction

Summary: Song adaptation. Sooner or later, even Braga has to cave...


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