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PG-13 Stories

Lies Our Fathers Told Us

Summary: The contents of a mysterious file provide Janeway with food for thought.


Personal Effects

Summary: Following Voyager's return, Janeway travels to her mother's house in Indiana to collect her things and thoughts.


Should Have Stood in Bed

Summary: After an away mission goes awry, Janeway contemplates the wisdom of an old Terran adage.


Thoughts of Home

Summary: Janeway might be losing her mind, but her heart is in the right place.


Denaturing the Beast

Summary: Q asks Janeway to change the system from within.


Seventh Seal

Summary: Following Seven's lukewarm endorsement of Humanity, Janeway reflects on the joys and limitations of being a "minor bipedal species".


Once Bitten

Summary: T'Pel reminds Janeway why it's so important to remember to count to seven and to always check your e-mail. (Although this is a Pon farr story, the rating is PG-13. The story isn't really about sex. It's about love and loyalty, friendship and family. It's a Pon farr story for people who hate most Pon farr stories.)


Up-'Lifting Conversation

Summary: Janeway finds herself stuck in a turbo-lift with a hot half-Klingon. It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds.


(The) Boothby Trilogy
  1. Ships Passing
    Summary: Janeway cultivates a friendship with Boothby.
  2. Boothby's Project
    Summary: Janeway undergoes an unconventional thesis defense to satisfy her toughest adviser.
  3. Revisiting Her Roots
    Summary: On the eve of her trip to Indiana, Janeway roots out an old friend.


Jumping Ship

Summary: Janeway faces the question that plagues all Starfleet officers: Why is holodeck technology so unreliable?


(A) Single Act of Compassion

Summary: Janeway's thirty-second anecdote in "Prey" becomes an eighty-five page backstory.


Auld Lang Syne

Co-written with: NODA
  1. Janeway's Verse (m.c. moose)
    Summary: On New Year's Eve, Janeway and Chakotay take a cup of kindness and discuss an auld aquaintance that can't be forgot.
  2. Chakotay's Verse (NODA)
    Summary: Janeway and Chakotay recall their experiences at Wolf 359.


(The) Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Summary: As time goes by, Janeway may not always have Paris, but it's a good bet that Tuvok will remain a usual suspect.


Coffee Clash

Summary: Moose's response to the "Coffee with your mum" challenge.


Lower Decks

Summary: In both her personal and professional life, Lieutenant Janeway demonstrates she's not an idiot.


For Chakotay--with Love and Squalor

Summary: An indulgent response to the 1001 Birthday challenge.


Small Gifts

Summary: Janeway agrees to take on a small ambassador at large.



Summary: Janeway takes a good, hard look at herself.


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